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Current Vidorg Media and Publishing (V.M.P.) products and offers-


  • I’m interested to see what V.M.P- site can offer me for Downloads or ordering and paying for your unique cross-sectional Books between litterary prosa and poems- science- social documentation and proposals- gender relations- selfbuilding- meaning of live and work for the basic paradigm change (DPB- interests)
  • I’m an social influencer/company owner or CEO/public officer/government decision maker on my department/media manager/local civil society decision maker/chief on some science department/other and interested about to hear more- for example partnering for the Local Scenes or Conferences , Public Discussions together with experts on the discussion areas concerned and about this new Paradigm and it’s VISION for the Real Change- a new platform for the global community (PPR- interests)
  • only a casual surfer and following my time and progressive movements- add me to your potential expansion sphere as having positive attitude concerning your interests and long-time work for the Real Change based on your New Paradigm, not only for partial changes from ideological party perspective or social- economic, ethnic or group interests. (PESPA- surfer)
  • Searching personal activity contacts for expanding my personal life meanings (PAM = Follower- search surfer)
  • In the near future, even a new level of customers- Subscriber Members for Vidorg Edu- videos– will be added for accessing my You Tube Premium Video Edu- files or other form of Channels through dedicated Cloud channels. This on the condition of shown interest on the market, successful selling of my e-books and books or payid tickets for my seminars ( SMC- customers)