Hello world!

Welcome to Vidorg.Cloud transferred to Loopia Se, nearer my local market (even if there are some pages on this site in English too)!


My Vision and New Paradigm based Company building path- “A quantum like Cultural Evolutionary Step if done together…

I have added a subdomain Channels to my new website and doing new pages.

Thus the URL https://channels.vidorg.cloud

is a kind of company portalpage, showing those different kinds of product areas today (not yet flying as above, maybe later when accepted by the public, governments, business affiliates and producers if my new theories are discussed and found to make it true with the new theories).

But so far my companies are small as my proposal and made deductions from the new paradigm of science, based on the factually multi-dimensional view of Reality and Human being, are not discussed since starting my way 1974. Thus, the NEXT STEP is, I suppose, to get more resources through new customers (see the coming Channel- portal page). Take a look of my coming Products, Produkter på rea, and Subscription- pages.

Lasse T Laine Philosopher, social scientist, entrepreneur, writer

manager@vidorg.cloud lasse.t.laine@vidorg.org

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