Commenting EU-27 Future Plans by 2025_by LasseTLaine.2017_pdf e-book, isbn 978- 91- 88057- 26- 6

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The Future strategy comment from LasseTLaine
The abstract cover image describes the possible Real Change even for the EU-area if opening to the new possibility of Real Change, deduced from the new paradigm of science


The writer , philosopher, social scientist, entrepreneur, writer Lasse T Laine from Vidorg group of own companies comments here the EU- Commissions Future Plans till 2025, as seen 201617.

He takes up both the Pros and Cons and compares the alternative futurescanios even with his own, bold ones IF the public, democratic discussions had taken up his new paradigm- work since 1974.

Now, at the publishing time on writer’s new website domain nearer EU and thus possibly having openings to the local markets to earn more resources for the continued development work – whether intellectual, social-economic-political or cultural- the TIME has changed with the new crices, unseen or not anticipated by the EU Commission planners and leaders at the time when publishing the future plans.

The writer sees these crises, such as of war in Europe, it’s results in the global economy and worsening well-being by inflation, the political trends toward continued global polarization etc as a natural results of the shortcomings of the used paradigm of science and it’ s view of Reality and Man, not discussing those empirical data in the main street science which questions it’ s basic philosophical assumptions and concepts and thus the used global, socialized value base.

He hopes that the critical rereading of his products opens eyes to see even the more hopefull futurescenarios, with the already done works of the writer, based on the new concepts, theories and practical reform proposals for the Real Change. The window for the new cultural development level is still open, as he sees it.

Now- after the Russia started its expansion of the former 2014 made invasion of the Ukrainean area, the ongoing war, the worldwide negative influences made the EU plans referred outdated. When nobody has asked why, the writer let this commenting e-book be left so far on the Vidorg Cloud- ebusiness pages, where my arguments based on the new deduced theories are still actual, waiting- possibly in vain as the politicians are not philosohical thinkers but base their practices how they themselves were educated in the old paradigm and the same among their voters. Thus these three, politically new strategies showing e-books are a kind of historical evidence that the new base of Real Change was on the democratic markets, but not selected by those in power, since 1974.


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