De Tretton och Två_dikter_AudioCD_LasseTLaine_mp3 format

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Audio CD as a mp3 fileThe writer has read himself his first book of poems, written as an own therapy work after the divorce 1982. The e-book and the audio CD can even be seen as a documentation of the alternative thinker’ s life, own personal- historical experiences and views for the Real Change if his lifetheme- the creation for the grounds of the new paradigm of science and the condinued development of it, alone and marginalized- had gone throught by democratic, public discussions. His poems move on the crossing areas of politics of that time in Sweden and globally, science, culture and economics, but even as anticipating the future if his new theories would go through later such as in values, technological changes and everyday life.

Even as a physical-material product, a CD, from the Förlaget Lasse T Laine, aka Vidorg Media and Publishing, or from the partnering StjärnDistribution Ab,



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