Röd miljö_Kommenterande artiklar 1985- 2016, Lasse T Laine, pdf, e-bok, 2016, isbn 978- 91- 88057- 21- 1

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This e-ebook in pdf-format is even sold as a published, printed one.

It is composed of a collection of articles. First three in Swedish about the comparison of the social- economical- technological future scenarios which can be and even partially are manifested and then comparison of the same from the perspective of the new, multi-dimensional paradigm, created of the writer. Then two papers in English: an accepted course paper of the writer in E-MBA- studies at the Gävle local university studies Aug 2003, then a sent article, unpublished, to the Earth Island magazine, USA, about the valuation of the Paris Agreement of the needed Climate Change arrangements, commented under 3 headings of “The long term goal”, “The ambition mechanism” and “Adaptation has limits” when compared with the radically new scientific theories deduced from the new paradigm. The last article in Swedish discusses how the writer sees the possibilities of the POSITIVE Climate change work comparing the work based on the functionally discussing current paradigm- based actions and the new. Maybe if the current actions are not showing only partial results, the public wakes to discuss and use the solutions, based on the alternative, more abstract paradigm?

The writers paper about the ongoing war of Russia- downloadable from this website for an extremely low price, wakes even this question, when he comments the three internationally known experts evaluations of the motives and strategies of the Russian leadership for the invasion war of Russia against Ukraine. The writer shows that the PEACE- work can be done, if the leaders worldwide wake to the new possibility based on the new, larger and more abstract philosophy. The done SYNTHESIS is not casting away the solutions deduced from the current paradigm which is becaming  now only a part of the new larger.


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