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This page gives a short information about the company.

The “mother company” behind Vidorg Media and publishing (aka Förlaget Lasse T Laine) is Firma Lasse Laine, so far a private one, not AB, Ltd, Inc. It is one of the Vidorg- group of companies:

Vidorg, an organization consulting company, Förmedling M.O. which works with financial services with the aim of marketing, giving support for example for franchising and licenses for the own, threefold secure M.O. project payment form which could even be used as a kind of synthetic derivate instrument on M.O. Exchanges, IT- Distribution- and Building services and this Publishing house business.

The earning person, owner and founder of Vidorg, in Nov. 1986, is Lasse T Laine, now an active, retired person with educational background in Philosophy (both theoretical and moral philosophy) and social sciences ( such as in Information technics, Social planning, Knowledge in Eastern countries, Social anthropology and Economic history). I worked mostly during my “working life with Swedish measures” in manual works at the local hospital kitchen, because found no interest for my philosophical suggestion, already as a student 1974, for a new, more abstract paradigm of science. Maybe my social “status” as an immigrant intellectual or a kind of creative person who likes to go own ways instead of focusing in socialization and search of confirmation from others for the own identity as a personality focusing one, was also behind my social- economical and failed career in academy of sciences? Shorter times I worked even as It support person, interviewer, teacher and office assistant at the local Labour Providing Office of the public AMS.

I created my new, philosophical synthesis with the aim to try to explain those anomalous, unexplained empirical data researched in psi- laboratories since 1850s and in spontaneus experiences which have had even myself as a sensitive, mentally focused person. These kind of data questions our current, philosophically based concepts of Space, Time and Identity of Human being as only a person of physical materiality. After having myself experienced the breakdown of the current paradigm when it becomes now only a narrow part of the new, a multi- dimensional view of Reality and Human being, I understood that this new paradigm could form a new base for our common civilization building and became meta motivated .

Having met none interest in science where became rejected in career building with arguments ad hominem, person focusing instead of theoretical and argumentative, referential discussion, I tried first wake interest in media by sending my comments to country wide and local newspapers, then in local politics in the Democratic Party of Social democrats but found no interest even in these sectors. I got no feedback for my various blogs, written in Swedish, Finnish ( my mother language) or English on blogs such as in Vidorghelps.Blogspot.com or Facebook or Twitter . With interest I mean contacts for active discussions or seminars or partnering in various projects ( as an example searching contacts for reformation of Health Care in USA during B.Obamas H.C. reform time, in my comments for an extended version of the former USA President D.Trump and his administrations Peace and Prosperity ,”Peace deal of the Century”(see this as an commenting e-book on the SHOP- page) and even nn the nearer markets of EU (an commenting e- book on this too on Shop-page).

Locally I have tried to start reforms in

* reform of Swedish Health Care (by my long- term, cross- scientific Pro Gradu research project SINUS 1990- 2012 in Economic History at the local University and partly during my e- MBA studies)

* starting of V.BON contact pool with immigrant born friends with intention to offer Vidorg export consulting 1980s- 90s with no feedback and interest in the local business market.

* starting a kind of applied social anthropological project of V.Mach for unemployed ( during own short unemployment period when ended the local hospital kitchen work (1970- 85 during weekends and sep1986- nov 1998 as a disher and foreman) for Online Database for unemployed. This “exam project on the unemployment course got preliminary support from EU Social Fund administered by the their local office, but the local Commune was not interested to became active partly financing partner in the project.

So, that’s a short background was my continued company building and international interest in helping to build a new, better common base for the global “village”.

As written in my other commenting paper about the current, ongoing Russian war against the sovereign state of Ukraine, I believe in an peaceful solution for this and other conflicts in the world. Working together for developing further this new global value and knowledge base based in my suggestion and already done work since 1974, and even getting paid for my products and services- not only giving away my new theories on many areas to be developed further by others and met with silence. Maybe I will with the help of this expanding Publishing house “go publicly through” in democratic discussions and finding”success” ( mostly met now by money- measure, not by a meaning giving work) or stillfully wither away, going home to other dimensions before caming back again for a continued work for the Real Change of the world, this planet, “an island of Cosmos”, I don’t know yet.


Feel welcome to visit my company’s other pages here, ordering my e- books or other services.

Lasse T Laine

Founder, company owner

Djäknegatan 68
App 1204
Uppsala, Uppland 754 25