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  1. Clarifying definitions:..”that is going to blow you away”: def.
    PRO: the knowledges of the new paradigm gives You a new, deeper
    meaning of Life, making You the Chief of your mental-ethical evolution. CON: the old paradigm’ s Personality focus is/gives only a
    partial view of Reality and your multi-dimensional Soul-Identity, keeping you in the jail of only physical-material view of Life and You by the social status-, gender ideosyncracies and money making career focuses.
    – “..a Sneek peak of what we offer”: the current practices, continuing against the new: hacking activity, negative social stamping, spying and dealing my mights prevents your development keeping only the narrower Minds in power. Take the own, active attitude instead, partnering with the working for the Real Change which we need.

    Written as a clarifying subtext for our “Comin soon”- landing page.
    by Lasse T Laine
    Founder, CEO and owner of the Vidorg Media and Publishing company.

  2. In silence context I try first speaking with myself, in the Brain-Mind, under the guiding of my Soul and soul friends, too. On this network- unseen- non-destroyable, reborning, we are all ONE- sisters and brothers.

  3. Hello, Feel free to download this page and give to your friends, parents, foes and woos. The democracies everywhere grow by new impulses, creations, bold aims- not by silence, violence, relaying of learnings from the old generations only. As the Nature- the physical- material reborns, so even us, the many-dimensional ones, everyone on her/his/theirs own pace.

    Sent by Lasse T Laine
    Philosopher- social scientist, entrepreneur, writer
    Founder and owner- CEO of the company

    Vidorg Media and Publishing

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